Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Ekta Kapoor Reigns

"I've never kept any maid, I do EVERYTHING myself" (accompanied with a proud smile)
"I have a washing-machine, but I wash clothes by hand" ( acc. by a virtuous smile)
"The mixy (mixer) is ok but nothing to compare to the masala ground on 'silbatta' " (acc. with a fie-on-you-you mixy-hound look)
"I spend two hours at the temple, writing "Ram' a thousand times everyday" (this one's son is a step short of a juvenile deliquent, but maybe that's why the thousand 'Ram's are required!)
"I make everything at home, nobody at home will even look at store-bought sweets and snacks" ( acc. with a horrified you-inflict-store- bought- samosa- on- your family' look)
"My husband misses me if I go away even for a day" (Implied meaning- yours doesn't because you don't hang out his towel or wash his shaving brush for him)
"Her daughter-in-law talks to everybody, mine doesn't step out of the house without my permission!" ( acc. with, you got it...a PROUD smirk)

Just a few ways  small town ladies keep  so occupied and fit!!! And the one reason why Ekta Kapoor still reigns!


  1. Really?
    That daughter-in-law one was too much.
    Am sure the spite and spices come in handy, writing a story.

  2. I swear! Each and every word of it! Adi has the classified info on which aunty said what ;)I have 5 ideas here for stories, right?

  3. Bang On....being frm a small town,i feel I know these ppl personally.. :-)

    hopped from womens web to ur blog....nice one

  4. I have always loved Alwar, but it's one of these conversations that make me realise that i am better of, somewhere far far away.

  5. You definitely are, Anmol! Do refer to mum for more such stories :)