Wednesday, March 30, 2011


No, that's not a spelling error. This is how it is pronounced here, by quite a few eunthusiasts.
Cricket and Math. are much the same for me- they both deal with obscure (to me) numbers which I just can't understand- hence both are dealt with supreme indifference.  I know I might get lynched for not liking cricket- anti-cricket is almost anti-Christ here- but honestly how can one like something one doesn't understand? What IS the fun staring at folks standing, squinting in the sun, looking at a ball and another guy hitting it..........but like they say, each man to his own.
But I would say one thing for the game, introduced ironically by our oppressors-the Brits - btw, whose worst things we copied quickly but didn't give a second glance to the qualities which we should have, but that is digressing...
About the game, yes, it is almost magical how it brings people together. Last night, we were at this joint- the customers, the waiters, the cooks (that explains my undercooked uttapam) everybody was engrossed, every eye fixed on the TV on the wall, every sigh, every 'Yay! India' synchronized!! And on the way back, people thronged the usually empty paan-shop as he did a brisk business while people absently ordered paans, their attention wholly fixed on the small TV inside the shop.
If we could join hands like this against corruption, ineffeciency, red-tape..................
Too good to be true?
Who knows?

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