Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sarv Shiksha??

Sept.1st- historical as Didi retired from her 23 years of teaching music. A trip to the village where she had been transferered a mere 15 days before-- the Govt. / the Edu. Deptt., at least of Rajasthan, functions in mysterious ways! It must have seen some sense in all the unneccessary paper-work and hassle- creation for a person about to retire!
Anyway, the trip was an eye-opener in more ways than one. Villages and villagers are nicer than small-towns, people simple and friendly and of course, no pretences. Plus, unlike Alwar, lovely breeze blows all the time. A 'prohper' send-off was arranged for didi- the 'do- shabd's by some teachers, the gifts of shawl and the customary clock and chai-paani. Sweet.
But then, arose the question why were there so few children when such good infrastructure is there? Why were the teachers so sleepy? Why the black-boards untouched and why the children still unlettered? The bigger pity was that of the 9 students, most looked pretty sharp.

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